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Not for the faint-hearted reader—The Grail Bride is a hardcore work of alchemy, philosophy and intrigue, for those ready for the truth of the Holy Grail.



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Anna, Grandmother of Jesus explains how she used the process of cellular rejuvenation to achieve an extraordinary life span, beyond anything we know today. This brief extract from the extraordinary book by Claire Heartsong provides an idea of the magic held by the Grail.

‘Remember, my friends, because I knew the way of cellular regeneration, I continued to extend my physical expression for quite some time. Every month I expanded my consciousness into my subtle light bodies. In doing so, I activated the Grail or Christ codes within my physical body…’ Anna, Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong

The Grail Bride is an encoded work of alchemy—a philosopher’s stone to awaken the codes of cellular regeneration. As you progress incrementally through the seven chapters of the story, without judgment and with an open heart, the Grail or Christ Codes will be activated within your physical body. You will be elevated to the resonant frequency where healing is possible… your role is simply to trust.