For too long women have been stuck in the mindset that you can’t charge a fee for your art and creative skills. All that has changed! Inspired, passionate and enterprising women are turning the tables on what it means to be a creative woman today.

Women are great at socialising and that’s why they are doing so well in online business. Selling is no longer about pushing your product, it’s about starting a conversation, sharing ideas, building relationships. It’s about adding value and helping someone to solve a problem.

Online business has opened the door for creative women to monitise their gifts, products and coaching without compromising on integrity. Time for you to get online?

About the Online Hub

The Women’s eCommerce Hub is an exciting collaborative adventure to help enterprising women build their online business so they can work from anywhere doing what they love.

Learn new skills, share ideas, monitise your passion – and have fun in the process.

Whether you are new to eCommerce or have an existing online business all women are welcome.

The focus for the Women’s eCommerce Hub is to support inspired women to get online and share their gifts with the world.

Keep the passion in your business by finding other like-minded women to share social content, brainstorm ideas and pool resources and effort.

  • Learn new skills, share ideas, find confidence and purpose.
  • Gain the know how to build your own online presence.
  • Get inspired by working with other like-minded women.
  • Share knowledge, resources and amplify your efforts.

The Women’s eCommerce Hub is open to women globally. A physical hub is located at Bell’s Creek, near Caloundra, Queensland, Australia. Meetups will be posted on the FB page and we will aim to live-stream them for women unable to attend in person.

Get in Touch to get involved! Message me below.

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