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The Grail Bride is based on Michelle’s extraordinary true story which brings the legacy of the Holy Grail into the 21st Century.

Through her experiences, both physical and metaphysical, Michelle has gleaned a profound insight into the true nature of The Grail and its significance in our lives today, in particular to our health and longevity.

Michelle’s background is engineering, and following the events described in her novel she has gone on to study numerous energy modalities, including Akashic Records, Counsellor of Light, and Usui Reiki.

Her initial intention in exploring ancient healing arts was to make sense of the events which she describes in her novel. She hadn’t anticipated that in bridging her knowledge of science, with her newly acquired knowledge of energy healing, she would decipher the quantum secrets of the Holy Grail.

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. ― Nikola Tesla

The name Lady Blackwood originates from the protagonist of the novel, she represents the feminine energy inside each of us, whether man or woman. True to all Grail Romance, her purpose is to restore balance and harmony to Earth, but first, she must find the balance within herself.

For those wishing to experience the true meaning and magic of The Grail, tools, programs and retreats will be announced through the website.

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This is no ordinary book. To begin with, it’s true. As you’re reading this epic and tragic love story, you start to pick up the threads. This is our love story too, the one that takes us home to ourselves, through the heart rendering and cruel twists of human behaviour, we find our resilience, our truth and our Sovereignty. If this is just then first in then trilogy, I’m utterly intrigued. I’m left with a feeling of inexplicable anticipation and a desire to join my own dots too…why am I here.

Deirdre, CEO, Manifesto of Light

This was an enthralling read. It was well written with great attention to detail. It was obvious the Author had done in-depth research. It is a book of secrets betrayal intrigue and beliefs. A very thought provoking book that makes you question the world we live in. If you read this book with an open mind it will not disappoint . A unique book I would highly recommend. I look forward to the next book from this author

Eva, Amazon US

A real good read, enjoyed it from start to finish, would recommend this book.

Stacey, UK

I loved this book, it gave me new insights into the times of King Arthur and the Holy Grail, and also gave me insight into meeting the true love of our own life, as she met hers. Sometimes we have known that person through other lifetimes, and it comes back to our memory. Lady Blackwood’s mum was a big help to her giving her information from the “other side” and reminding Lady Blackwood of her true purpose on earth. This book read very fast and I recommend it to anyone who loves the tales of the Holy Grail. While I did not realize it, my consciousness was lifted higher and higher to my own Truth of the God within me.

Joan Fericy